Wednesday, December 22, 2010

US Bodybuilding Tips-How to built body without weights

US Bodybuilding Tips - How to built body without weights

Building muscle is in a big part about gym workouts and lifting weights. But not all people are accustomed to going to the gym and sweating it out. Nor is everyone fond of lifting those weights and paying out the cash to achieve their goals. Which is why I want to talk about building muscle without weights!

The best way for building muscle without weights is body weight exercise. If you really want to come up with additional muscle but does not have enough funds to buy expensive weight lifting gadgets and instruments, don’t lose hope since there are basic body weight exercises that will meet your needs. The Pull up is a very effective exercise that builds and develops back and arm muscles.

The mechanism of this particular exercise is basically about your arms and back carrying the entire weight of the body and pulling upwards creates pressure on the muscles as if you are lifting something. Aside from pull ups, you can also initiate simple push up. A push up lets you build some muscle in chest and shoulders. It is a traditional endurance exercise widely used by the military to train soldiers physically. And lastly, squats comprise another good way of improving muscle. It primarily helps you build leg muscles since the pressure or weight of the body is held by the legs.


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