Monday, January 3, 2011

Elena Shportun Russia Handsome Female bodybuilders photos

Elena Shportun - Russia Handsome Female bodybuilders photos

The 2007 Santa Susanna Fitness Weekend was so long that we could title it “The Fitness Week” this year. Many IFBB officials came to this Spanish spa on Tuesday, September 18, to take part in the World Judges Seminar, then amateur athletes joined them to compete for medals at the 2007 IFBB World Women Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships


But Dr. Santonja has had the really powerful weapons in his worldwide offensive. The number of participating countries in the IFBB Championships is still increasing. In Santa Susanna a new record has been set: national teams from 48 countries came there to create a very spectacular revue of physical excellence and body beauty. It is also important that these champions came from all parts of the world (18 Non-European countries!) and that more and more of the Non-European athletes enter the finals and battle for the medals.

The top six fitness women up to 163 cm (from L to R): Dagmar PASTERNAKOVA (5th place); Loana MUTTONI (3rd place); Margarita BYELINSKA (1st place); Vera EGOROVA (2nd place); Diana MONTEIRO (4th place) and Anna MEKHNINA (6th place).

Elena Shportun if from Krasnoyarsk City (Eastern Siberia) 27 years old, approx. 62 kg, 166 cm:.
Two times all Russian Overall Winner
2002 and 2003
in the Bodybuilding Category


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