Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yaxeni Oriquen - USA (Venezuela) Female bodybuilders

Yaxeni Oriquen - USA (Venezuela)Female bodybuilders with Great Six packs Abs

Yaxeni Oriquen from Venezuela living in Florida presented a very well balanced muscular physique at the Ms. Olympia Show 2003
Yaxeni Oriquen showed a perfectly defined and very beautiful muscular physique at the Ms. Olympia 2004.

Congratulations to your excellent overall win at the Ms. International 2005. You are a deserved, awesome and very beautiful Champion Yaxeni!
USA (Venezuela) Female bodybuildersUSA (Venezuela) Female bodybuildersUSA (Venezuela) Female bodybuildersUSA (Venezuela) Female bodybuildersUSA (Venezuela) Female bodybuilders

Many people have the misconception that all female bodybuilders are muscle bound, steroid popping Amazons, who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are certainly a small handful of women who will fit into this category and they compete in the elite championships such as the Ms Olympia, however the vast majority of women who are involved in bodybuilding are using it purely for toning the body and for fitness. Pictured here is one of the elite women, Yaxeni Oriquen. Yaxeni Oriquen won four amateur contests in 1993, before moving to the United States. Her most noteworthy achievement as a professional has been winning the Ms. Olympia title in 2005. She has also won four Ms. International titles, in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2008. At a height of 5 ft 7 in, her contest weight is typically around 160 lb., though she weighs around 185 lb. during the off-season


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