Sunday, December 19, 2010

Female Bodybuilding Images And Articles.

Now this next anonymous lady redefines the word ‘lean’. This woman’s abs have giant veins running throughout, and you can see the striation in her muscles. Now, I appreciate all the hard work, but someone please take this woman out for some BBQ and fatten her up!

If your child is into lifting weights, reading bodybuilding magazines like Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness, drinking protein shakes and taking creatine in an attempt to build bigger muscles, then chances are your child is also surfing the Internet for bodybuilding related information.

It won't be long before your child stumbles upon an Internet site called A guy by the name of Ryan DeLuca started the web site. Also credited with operating the site are family members, Jeremy and Russ DeLuca. It has been reported that Russ DeLuca is involved with running the entire business with Ryan and Jeremy as co-owners


Your target zone are your thighs (Quadriceps). Sit on a leg extension machine and place the tops of your feet under the foot pads. With your lower back firmly against the seat, slowly lift your lower legs until your knee joint reach the locked position.

# Leg Tuck (Seated):

Sit on a bench sideways, grasping the edges for support. With knees bent, raise your legs slightly and then straighten them, leaning backward as balance requires.

# Lunges (Smith Machine):

The basic purpose of lunges on the Smith Machine is to develop and separate the muscles in the thigh and shape the muscles in the glutes.


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