Sunday, December 19, 2010

Female Bodybuilding Training Tips From Female Bodybuilders

Always a natural competitor, Liza has a 20 year history in the sport of competitive bodybuilding culminating in her overall win at last year's Musclemania World show in Anaheim.
Liza is in her 40's, and is a single mom with a six year old boy...Conan. (Yes, he WAS named after the "Governator"!) She practices medicine as a physician assistant for a practice devoted to controlling pain in a variety of unfortunate a variety of ways, both procedural and medical.

I train each body part once a week in this order:
Monday: Chest - 16-20 sets/30 minute cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders - 12-16 sets/30 minute cardio
Wednesday: Legs - 25-30 sets/no cardio
Thursday: Cardio (boxing or kickboxing - 1 hour)
Friday :Back - 16-20 sets/ 30 minute cardio
Sat./Sunday: Arms - 12 sets each/30 minute cardio

I work out 5-6 days a week, and do cardio every workout except legs. Cardio at the gym is usually an elliptical machine with arm rowing (Life fitness cross trainer) on mod-high level (10-15) for 30 minutes. Occasionally, I will use a recumbent bike or treadmill (walk/run) x 30 minutes. Kickboxing classes are an hour, and are very intense!

Since its introduction in the 1970’s the female bodybuilding competition has evolved quickly. Figure bodybuilding is a new type of bodybuilding where the muscle tone and symmetry is judged instead of the size of the muscle. Without having extreme or excessive muscle mass and vascularity that bodybuilding can bring with it, figure body building is for women who want to compete in competitions. Similar to a pageant setup, the competition is evaluated from all angles, over a few different rounds, which depends on the company.


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