Monday, December 20, 2010

Richmond Female Bodybuilding Images- Best Muscles Body Building Tips.

Muscle Building is an art form that takes dedication and commitment, but also a lot less pain for the gain than you would imagine. The key to quick muscle is to follow the basics, find a program and then stick to it. Most of us fail because we move from workout to workout and never truly understood what we are doing and failed to really commit. Does that sound like you?

For myself I continually tried to lose fat and gain muscle without ever really achieving either. It was only when I really decided to focus on my muscle gain that I discovered that with an increase of muscle that I naturally burnt more fat and as such my physique improved in muscle mass while also losing fat. Score!

- Take time to rest

Your muscles only grow when they are pushed beyond their normal scope. This creates tiny tears in your muscles. When they begin to repair themselves they will grow larger to cope with future stress more easily. However this will only occur if your muscles are given adequate time to heal. If you start pushing your muscles again too early then you will short circuit the repair phase and waste any potential gains.

- Use Compound Exercises

One of the only areas of fitness that experts seem to agree on is that the best way to build muscle is to us compound exercises such as dead-lifts, bench presses and rows. These are excellent for muscle growth as they use more muscle groups at once. For the best results these need to be performed with heavier weights on lower repetitions.

- Push Yourself

The key to building muscle is to continually push yourself harder on a continual basis. If you use the same weights, same sets and same reps each time then your muscles will get used to the strain and stop growing. So make your muscles work.


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